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Michael Keaton joins Nexii to Bring Green Manufacturing Plant and Jobs to Pittsburgh

Nexii Building Solutions Inc is a green construction technology company that utilizes sustainable and cost-efficient building products. The company recently announced a partnership with actor Michael Keaton who will play an active role and take an ownership stake in its upcoming Pittsburgh manufacturing plant.

The new plant was developed by Trinity Sustainable Solutions, a Pittsburg entity consisting of local native and world renown actor Michael Keaton, Nexii and Craig Ripple (Trinity Commercial Development). 

Scheduled to open Summer 2022 which also will mark the first plant built using Nexii’s proprietary, sustainable concrete alternative – Nexiite. The plant is therefore all the more amazing as it will not only be the the first built entirely from its proprietary, sustainable concrete alternative, Nexiite, but will produce those same materials.

The new plant will be the second in the area and will supply eco-friendly construction materials for pending projects across the East Coast and the Midwest.

“Growing up, many of my neighbors worked in Pittsburgh’s famous steel plants; the lore was that a businessman would take an extra white shirt to work because the one he started with would get so dirty from the mills’ polluted air that he’d have to put on a fresh one to come home,”

Michael Keaton, on his early years living in Pittsburg

Nexii is pioneering a unique approach with the invention of Nexiite, a new building material that was engineered to have a low carbon footprint and, along with the building system to enable ultra high performance, sustainable buildings at scale.

“Nexii’s new plant will create more than 300 green, healthy job opportunities and help revitalize my hometown in a way that helps folks right now while paving the way for future generations.”

Michael Keaton, reflecting on the positive impact the project will have…

The materials and system have already been put into action, building a Starbucks location in just 6 days, with a carbon footprint reduction, compared to a traditional structure, of 30% and producing near-zero construction waste.

And this is an urgent need – since buildings and construction constitute the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The progress made so far in the sustainable transportation transition, thanks to the electric vehicle revolution and the acceleration of adoption by legacy automakers, is a positive step forward, but the big challenge lies ahead.

Indeed, the next big wave in the push to net-zero and beyond, is in the two categories that are responsible for nearly 70% of emissions, as seen above (courtesy of NEXII).

Add to those stats the fact that 50% of all emissions are produced by India, China and the US and the path needed to reach net-zero is clear, at least in terms of where the progress is most urgently needed.

Therefore, the innovations and strides forward made by NEXII, exemplified by the announcement of the new

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